Candles for change!

Over 65s call for action!

Every Sunday evening, after dark, senior citizens are lighting a candle to show our support for the younger generation demanding urgent action on the climate and ecology crisis.

Please read our manifesto below and if you agree with us, please light up with us every Sunday and urge your over-65 friends to join us.

“Old people are currently the coalition that have a huge inbuilt advantage in representative democratic politics.”

David Runciman, Professor of Politics, Cambridge University

About Us

We are responsible citizens in the over-65 age group.

We stand in solidarity with those in the younger generation (Fridays For Future) who are demanding urgent action to restore the environment.

Like them we are united in a desire to put pressure on our leaders and elected representatives for immediate and substantive action to deal with the climate and ecological emergencies.

We show our public presence and our commitment to a humane future by placing a lighted candle in a window of our homes every Sunday evening after dark. We will keep this up until our demands are met.

Our Manifesto

Our Values

We believe that our species is at a crossroads, and Fairness, Truthfulness and Togetherness must be essential ingredients of a sustainable way forward.

Our Commitments

  • We will continue to light our Candles for Change until there is a consensus among leading climate and social scientists that our three demands are on course to be met.
  • Meanwhile we will do all within our means to educate ourselves and others about the nature of the problems we face and the potential solutions.
  • According to our situation and means, we will do all we can within our local communities and wider networks to advocate for significant beneficial changes of policy and practice.
  • In local and national elections, we will vote only for candidates who make a firm commitment to working to fulfill our demands.

Our Demands

These are the same as the demands of the school-age movement:

  • Keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 °C compared to pre-industrial levels.
  • Ensure climate justice and equity.
  • Listen to the best united science currently available.

How You Can Help

Light up next Sunday

If possible, put your candle in a window where passers-by may see it. But since this is a symbolic act reminding us of the commitment we have made, this is not essential.

Spread the word

Please encourage all your family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues who are over 65 to join with us. We want to get to a point where it is obvious that something is afoot with our age group…or alight!

Find out more more

There are many organisations and sources of information dedicated to tackling the climate and ecology crises. Commit to becoming more active and better informed.

Download a simple poster to put in your window near your candle. (Or make your own – much better!)