This website is the result of an idea I’ve been mulling over for some time. More recently, as the global catastrophe spread and grew more intense, and realising the increasing influence of the older generation, I felt it was time to act, and given the constraints imposed by the pandemic, a website specifically for we seniors to get together and share ideas seemed a positive first step.

Then on November 11th this year, Remembrance Sunday, I woke with this idea of lighting candles for change. Inspired partly by the impact generated by the weekly public clapping for health and essential service workers in many European countries, but also challenged by my son to find a “School Strike” moment, like that with which Greta Thunberg started the movement that is now Fridays For Future, the candle lighting idea seemed something more appropriate to our generation.

I hastily contacted some friends and was touched by the number of positive responses. Their candles, mostly lit that first Sunday in November, form the background image to our homepage. If you are joining us for the first time, please consider taking a photo of your lighted candle and posting it here.

Nick Clay, Brittany, France

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