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There’s little doubt that the kind of changes needed to ensure a stable, hospitable and sustainable environment for future generations will require determination and courage from our politicians and leaders. Our generation of over-65s has a hugely important role to play, especially in countries with democratic systems of government, because for the first time in history we outnumber the young adult population. Politicians advocating policies which don’t appeal to our generation are increasingly unlikely to be elected. And however much we may feel it not to be true in yours or my experience, the polling data makes it very clear that the truism still holds that as we grow older we grow more conservative, more resistant to change, wanting to keep things as much as possible as they are. The massive change of direction humanity so desperately needs at this time will not happen unless we oldies get behind it. That’s why one of the commitments we ask is about the way you use your vote.

2 thoughts on “Rationale

  1. Please study ALL the science.
    Look up William Happer, Richard Lindzen, Mark Steyn, Peter Ridd. Ian Plimer, Michael Shellenberger Just a few who can see through the madness of mass CO2 reduction and have a scientific reality, not emotional reaction, which if followed to its ultimate destination will ruin the lives of first the third World and then the West.


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